Apple WatchOS 7: All the Latest Features

Cupertino, California – During the WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) 2020 presentation, Apple revealed the WatchOS 7 version of Apple Watch with various numbers of newly added features. The WatchOS 7 is set to introduce powerful health and fitness features with enhanced customization tools. It will be included as the world’s most advanced smartwatch where the Personalization will take place by providing exciting features such as sleep tracking, watch face configurations, health and workout, automatic handwashing detection, hearing health feature, language translation, Maps with cycling directions and Siri on the device.

 The chief operating officer of Apple said, “We’re energized by the positive impact Apple Watch is having on our customers and we are excited to deliver meaningful new tools that support their health, fitness, and wellness” during WWDC. Exciting news for early adopters was revealed that starting in July will launch watchOS 7 public beta which is exciting for early adopters. Here, we will cover up all the latest Apple WatchOS 7 features. Well, before discussing features, let’s know a few important points here;

What is Apple WatchOS 7?

WatchOS 7 is the most current Apple WatchOS version, introduced in June 2020. It includes all the personalized, fitness, and other health features in a smartwatch.

Release date of Apple WatchOS 7 –

  • The official release is expected in the later months of 2020. It may be in September or can take the year 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The public beta will launch in July 2020.

WatchOS 7 all the latest Features –

Watch Faces and Sharing – Streamlined complications

With watchOS 7, developers can provide more customizable complications for one or more apps. Being the central of the Watch experience, the faces and sharing feature offers valuable information at a glance to customers where users can personalize their watchOS 7. One can share and discover unique combinations for the complete configuration of the Watch face. It works along with Message as well as mail. The App Store, website link, and social media channel links can discover the shared faces and other complications. For example, Dawn Patrol could offer complications for speed of the wind, tide, temperature, and more. Also, Chronograph Pro includes a tachymeter for speed-based calculations over a traveled distance with colorful photo filters and X-Large face.

Sleep tracking Feature – Helpful and Empowered

After a long-requesting, a Health app feature called Sleep tracking is added finally. It tracks the sleeping habits of a human and allows you to create a proper routine of sleeping and waking up. WatchOS 7 sleep tracking includes options such as audio tones, haptic vibration and alarm for better sleeping and waking habits. It basically detects micro-movements using the accelerometer of Apple Watch and captures everything about your sleep. While you wake up the WatchOS 7 screen will show the current battery level to remind you for charge. Sleep data of the user is encrypted in iCloud sync or device that is under control of the user.


 Wind Down mode – Go for multiple activities

The Wind Down mode is also going to be available on WatchOS 7 that works with the iPhone. The sleep tracking also takes help from this mode. You will be helped while you wind down for bed where you can go for multiple activities such as snoozing notifications, turning on music, and selecting playlist or opening apps related to mediation or peace. Moreover, you can activate other options as smart home presets.

Apple Maps – Updates and Cycling Options 

Apple Maps have been improved where you will get turn-by-turn directions for cyclists. Just like in iOS 14, the cycling directions option is included in WatchOS 7 maps. With easy and large complications, the Watch Map app will automatically prompt for elevation changes and navigation. It works great for cycling paths and will be available in the selected cities such as New York, the San Francisco Bay Area. Well, Apple has said that it will come to more places soon. With this feature, you can customize your trip and take the most direct route.

Hearing protection – Noise App for Saving Ears

WatchOS 6 has introduced a Noise app for better listening at a low level when a user uses loud sound. Hence, WatchOS 7 will be using the improved Noise app for hearing protection where you will be get notified above 80 decibels of sound for 40 hours each week. It is a specific feature for headphones. This app will also track your duration of listening to the sound where your ears will be saved from higher volume.

Fitness App – Workouts, Dance and Cooldowns

In WatchOS 7, Apple rebranded and upgraded the activity app into Fitness app that includes exciting Dance features as a workout and fitness. It offers four popular dance styles: Bollywood, cardio dance, hip hop, and Latin which you can select according to your need. It actually combines and collects data from the accelerometer, heart rate sensor, and gyroscope. Then, according to arms and legs moves, it measures the exertion. Moreover, workout tracking is included as functional strength training, core training, and cooldowns. 

Handwashing Tracking – 20 Seconds’ Habit of Good Health

Currently, handwashing has become a major subject for everyone. Apparently, some people don’t wash their hands enough. WatchOS 7 is coming up with an automatic handwashing detection feature. It will be through a health app that collects duration and frequency during the hand washing process. This handwashing tracking timer detects the time and set a 20-seconds timer. It means you will have to wash your hands for 20 seconds for good health. You will be notified through a countdown from health official.

Siri on-device – Handle Translation

WatchOS 7 uses a Neural Engine of Apple to use Siri on-device where you can handle translation. It also uses Announce Messages feature to audibly speak messages which allow using the voice assistant.

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